Common mistakes to avoid before you start travelling

Do not rely on places where you go to provide you decent internet connection. It also includes your 3G/4G data service on phone. Before you leave your home, better make sure that all your hotel coupons are downloaded on your device. Download all the tickets/ boarding pass etc.


Almost all the airlines provide online check-in. Just use it and don't waste your time at the airport. Just check-in your bag and be on the way. Download your boarding pass on your phone.
All the low cost insist that you check in online or they would ask you to pay extra at the airport like wizz air or ryan air.

Same thing with cruises.

Electronic Bag
Keep your gadgets in separate bag with chargers clip. Mobile chargers are usually the most forgotten item at hotel or at home. Make sure you have universal electronic converter. If you end up in different country that doesn't allow to charge your gadget juices, you are stuck.

Charge all your gadget juices to full at the airport. You never know when you would need your gadgets and what would happen to you if they fail to work.


1. International documents

If you are travelling to international destination - make sure you take photocopy of your visa and passport.

2. Credit Card

Please photocopy both side of your credit card and email it to yourself.

Don't keep any secure document on your handheld for sure. If your mobile ever get stolen, you are stuck in big limbo.

Small tip:  Make sure you know all benefits of your card.  Use your card to get as many rewards as possible. Don't use your card if it isn't really benefitting you. Use cash.

Phone Plan

If you are travelling international - I usually recommend buying small cheap phone that carry your home country SIM. You go to new destination and insert that country's SIM. You know who is calling you. You buy data plan at the country you are visiting. Don't buy SIM if you are visiting less than 5 days unless its South East Asia where phone plans are dirt cheap.

Don't use native cell phone.

Please activate Skype, Viber, Rebtel or any other form of Internet based calling where you can call unlimited for a month or so.

 Check your baggage

Seriously, What kind of a bag are you carrying? Fill your baggage completely and throw it around for a while. If it survives, it is good to go. Otherwise keep it home. I have suffered this problem countless times. I am on a long trip and my backpack straps come off. My wheels get broken There have been times where my trolley fails to work at all. Please invest in proper bag.

Carry small electronic pouch that have everything from your chargers, sim to all other items. Take it out it one go at airport security and put it back it in easy. Don't waste countless hours fumbling around to put your laptop or phone around. It is also handy when you are trying not to forget your chargers. All you have to do is look in one place.

Another thing you would forget is your Toiletries pouch. There is no way to save that one other than being mindful about it.

I imagine my whole day before I pack my bag. It includes smallest things like juicing up my batteries, brushing teeth to what I would be wearing. So many people forget their undergarments and socks before travelling because it is not something they consciously think about.

Over packing

Do not pack what you won't need. It is as simple as that. If you are staying in hotels, you don't need towels. If you are staying at someone's else place - better carry your towels.

What to pack and what not to pack - That is post for another day. 

P.S The picture in photo is from free town Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 

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