How do you I budget my trips?

How to know how much exactly your trip is going to cost?

Things to calculate

Transportation -

How are you going there? Car, Bus, Train, Flight?
Car - Consider cost of fuel plus 3% wear/tear cost of your car
Bus/Train/Flight - Just see the ticket price.

All the information is easily available on Google.

Transportation cost from Bus station/Train Station/ Airport to your Accommodation location and back.
Plus trips around the town. Are you going to use public transport? Are you going to use a taxi?

if more people are travelling - Taxi makes sense than public transport unless you are in place like Tokyo or New York.

There are sites like rome2rio which provides how much it will cost to get your trips.


You want to stay in hotel, hostel, airbnb or you just want to couchsurf etc - Know what you are spending by amount of days you going to spend at the destination.


What is cost of food in general at destination you are going to an average cost of meal at your favorite restaurant you going to dine is available on tripadvisor.


Are you going to see lot of sightseeing? Are you going to do lot of nightlife?  Calculate cost per day.


You never know what you end up buying or you indulge yourself into something extra that you never planned. Maybe it's a spa or may be cool thing you found on street side. Plan for it while budgeting. Better to come back with money from the trip then end up running completely dry at the destination.

Forex fees

If you are going to country where they don't accept your currency, there would be a cost they would charge you convert the currency. There might be countries where you can't technically bring the money back or they would be useless like Vietnam. Either you spend it all or change it before you get out. Unless you are planning to go back to the same place,  you better get change before you reach the airport.

Forex at the airport is usually the worst prices. I have found western union places have the best conversion rates.

If destination you are planning to requires visa, please plan for the visa in advance.  Some countries might have highly prohibitive visa cost. If you don't have right paper work, it might cost you even more.


There is nothing more spoiler than being robbed, or flight not working or some injury while you were trekking or partying. Lot of times airlines lose your baggage in transit. Make sure you get your insurance before you go anywhere.

 P.S The picture is of old town Dinan, France.

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