It's a fact -
90% of people when they die regret 2 things majorly -
1. Not spending enough time with the loved ones
2. Not travelling enough.

There are so many experts out there with different ideas about travelling. There are people who take on short term travels and there are who love to go on long journeys.

Short term trips
Usually weekend to 2 weeks.

Long term trips
Usually more than 2 weeks to months in end. If you been travelling for over a year, then you have either created multiple short term residences where you made new city your home. You stayed there for a while before hopping to the new city.

Short term trips are always going to be expensive because of prohibitive travel costs.

People romanticize different things when they travel. Some love freedom, some love sanity they get back. Some love journey they have to partake while others just love to reach destination as soon as possible and enjoy more time at the destination.

This blog isn't about me telling you what I did at a certain destination. This blog is about helping you to plan your next epic adventure.

Why should you listen to me?

I have traveled Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand (3x), Hong Kong, Macao, China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia (2x), Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine in last 8 months.

I am writing to show people - How I did and what I learnt from all the travels. I will also share what I learnt from fellow travelers

I will also share what I did as Vegetarian and with all the language barriers and how I dealt with them.

P.S  - The picture is of famous Palace Drawbridge, Saint Petersburg , Russia.