Apps you should have on your mobile before you start to travel

What apps you need to make sure you have before you travel?

1. Google Maps
Chances of you getting lost in the new city is very high. You don't know where you are supposed to go and how to get there. Turn on your GPS and get there.
(Warning: Make sure you turn off your GPS after use as it is highly battery intensive)
2. Google Translate

Going to place where you don't understand the local language. Please download the language pack of particular language so that you don't have to be online to carry out conversation.

It is not perfect but you do get gist of it.
3. Google Goggles
Don't want to hire traditional guides? You like the building in front of you and want to know more about it? Just take a picture with Google Goggles and you might get all the information about it.

4. Tripit
Gone are the days when I used to print out my hotel vouchers, flight schedules. When I am making lot of bookings together, I lose track of flight timings. Lot of times there is flight delay or air schedule change. I get all my updates in one place. If my trip is coming up, I get notice 2 days before to get packing.

5. To-do list
I keep standard check list where everything I need to carry to smallest detail is planned on my phone. I make sure I have everything in one place before I leave.

I do same thing at hotel to avoid forgetting toiletries or chargers. Make sure everything is in the bag.

You don't need different list every time you travel. You just customize it.
6. XE
Travelling to multiple country or place where you can't do the currency conversion in your head. Please download XE and add local currencies. It is very helpful in terms of bargain too.

7. Money control
While you are travelling and have multiple currencies and it is easy to forget how much denomination and coins you have for each currency and where you did what kind of expenditure.

All you have to do is feed amounts of currency in different wallets and put the amount you just spent and write the reason of expenditure. It is best way to keep track where you are spending your money.

8. VoIP call application
skype/ rebtel/ viber/ whatsapp
You are in different country and don't have a local sim or don't want to pay extra ordinary money to make international call. Get one of those apps.

9. Tripadvisor

Travel forum that everyone swears by. It is all about reviews on Tripadvisor.

Don't focus on overall rating, Just know kind of a traveler you are and filter for the reviews for your travel type. Don't believe every word that is written there.
Download the local Tripadvisor if you want offline access for information like name of the restaurants, overall rating and cost for 2 people.
10. Time out
They have everything you need to know about local place. What are important landmarks, best cuisine places, places to stay etc.

Best part about this guide is all the events that are being held when I will be present in the city. Want to travel to place to see something more than exhibition, meet more locals, see how people celebrate certain festivals.

Color festival in Thailand and India, light festival in Taiwan, Kite festival in China, Cherry blossom in Japan, Christmas in Germany, Music festival in Sweden.

This is the best guide to plan your trip around.

P.S The picture is sunrise over Oresund bridge from my hotel in Malmo. The bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. The bridge was designed by famous Leonardo Da Vinci the renaissance man. 

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