Baggage tips Part I


I normally carry wallet that allows keeping coins in a compartment. I don't mix up the currency. I only keep current country's currency in my main wallet.

Language Cards

If I am going to region which doesn't speak the language that I can interact people in, then I usually either Google translate it and print it or take a screen shot on my phone.

If you have specific diet - Make sure you write down what you are allowed to eat and what you are not allowed to eat.

Eg. If you are vegan - I create a card that says "I can only eat food that doesn't contain eggs, meat, chicken, fish and dairy." in the local language.

Plus I keep local direction handy - Left Right Straight Back Upwards Downwards.


If you are travelling through multiple countries where you are supposed to handle multiple currencies, it is smart idea to create zip pouch and label all the currency. Keep the coin with the currency.

It is generally a good idea to finish all your coins before you leave the country. Normally you aren't allowed to exchange coins anywhere.

Most of the coins are very difficult to recognize later. Half the time I don't even remember which coin belongs to which country. Many times there are no numerals on coins and you have to figure out what they mean.

Lot of countries have bad coin design - Bigger coins represent smaller denomination and smaller coins are of higher value. GBP is a good example.

Bag pack

I always carry a bag in which I can throw in small stuff. When you are doing sightseeing and bought few snacks, rather than carrying different carry bags, I put them in bag pack.
Instead of carrying around shopping bags, you can just put it all in the bag pack which makes life easier.

I make sure there is separate bottle holder, otherwise everything can become wet.

It is usually a small foldable bag that can rolled away if needed.
I put away 99% of stuff like laptop, Ipad and other stuff at my accommodation. I only carry things that I would require when I am out. Make sure your bags have good security and doesn't get torn easily.

Electronic pouch / Compartment

While travelling on flights - I have a electronic pouch or compartment which has laptop, chargers and other electronics. It is easy to empty it at airport security and you can put it back fast. Carry few clips so that you can fold long wires so that you don't cut them.

Please carry all in one power converter. There are chances you might be going to place which doesn't have same socket as your plugs. European plugs don't work in Indonesia or USA. Indian plugs might not work in Europe and definitely doesn't work in USA.
I always carry an extra mobile phone when I am travelling overseas to get local prepaid sim card. I really prefer local sim card as it provides better data rates and makes it much easier to contact locals.

I also carry a power strip. All the hotels usually have one or two power plugs and normally I have multiple devices that require to be juiced up.


Do not start the trip with over packed suitcase. It is major no go.
Please make sure that your bag can handle the rough use that it is going to take. I support idea of actually testing bag's breakability. Overpack your bag and throw it down stairs, over-pull the trolley. If it broke at your home - thank me that I saved you from major headache during travel.

KARMA Points!

My suggestion is to pack lightest as possible because you will be dragging your bag everywhere and you will have to deal with few body aches. You can't remember why you got that ache? Well, remember the time you lifted your bag from bottom and had to throw it up on the bed.
That doesn't sound really smart? does it?

Do not ever put your valuable in check - in bag. Always carry them in your hand bag. Yes, sometimes airlines do get your bag misplaced. Especially if you are flying in low cost operation.

Toiletries pouch

Do not pack your toiletries last moment. Create a designated pouch which has all the required item. Depending on type of the traveler you are and how fussy you are about certain things.
If you are a woman, create a separate make up pouch too.

Ideas to reduce the load.  Well that would be the next post.

P.S The picture is Copenhagen (Kophavn) , Denmark skyline at sunset.

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