Baggage Tips part II

Are you one of those people who likes to shop a lot? But after you shop, you realize that it would go in your bag. Oh! Now please drag your bag everywhere. It is heavy and your shoulder hurts. You might have to take it down couple of stairs. Good luck with that.

You might have already over packed your bag and don't know where to put the new item you just bought or there is amazing bargain shopping available but you are worried about Airline bag limit.

Here are tips for you:

1. Putting it at Airport
If you are travelling multiple route journey and know that you are going to have to repeat one of the airport on the way, most of the airport have luggage facility where they charge small amount of money to keep your bag locked away.

You don't have to drag your bag around everywhere.

Lot of times when I have multiple route journey, I take smaller suitcase and put it my larger bag. I just put the stuff that I won't use during that period.

2. Shipping the bag
If you are planning to be at your destination for more than 5 days or you would be reaching particular destination in 5 days, shipping the bag is very good option. This way you would travel hassle free. Your baggage would be received by your hotel or your friend.

You won't pay extra baggage fees either. However, Please don't put any valuable if you are shipping the bag. If it is international shipping - there might be a problem with custom. I usually put soiled clothes, souvenirs, shoes, food and similar items in the bag. 

If you make 2 toiletries kit, then it can work out even better. 
I also recommend adding polythene bags on top. Those would weather proof your stuff.

3. Learn to wash your clothes or be willing to pay that extra laundry service price at your hotel or go to cheaper hotel nearby and give it to them. This way you won't be carrying a pair of clothes for everyday.

4. You can buy some clothes, food, toiletries etc at your destination. 

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