Jet Airways 9w 362 Mumbai to Delhi Airbus 332 review


It was when I heard they are flying Airbus 330 on domestic sector in India. It is the only flight that has a reverse herringbone business class product in India. It became my top priority to review this product and get on it as soon as possible. I used my Jet Airways’ upgrade voucher to upgrade to Premier Class. If you are a fan of civil aviation in India - You definitely need to try out this product. 

Jet Airways 9w 362
Mumbai (BOM) to Delhi (Del)
Flight type – Airbus 330
Departure – 9:15 PM

Class Flown – Business
Seat – 6 D

Check in

I reached almost at the end but thanks to separate premier line I could check-in in time. I was the last passenger and hence didn’t have any option but to use seat that was available. I was allotted the last row 6D in middle row. I wasn’t aware of what that meant when I accepted that seat.

Flight Details
The flight was on time and I was ecstatic to see what is in store for me. In this flight the entry gate divided the economy from the premier (business class). Flight was boarded in a systematic manner. There are 18 business class seats on this flight. They have different seating arrangements alphabetically coded as A, D and K instead of A, B and C; based upon location of similar seat in economy. Each passenger gets a semi-individual cabin (reverse-herringbone seat). Seats, labeled as A and D, face each other and if you want some more privacy – you should opt for a K seat. Last seat is usually quiet as crew is always at the front and there is a big barrier between economy and business classes.


I went and took my seat. I was offered watermelon juice or apple juice along with water. I opted for apple juice. Chief Steward came, introduced himself to me and let me know if I needed anything that would make me more comfortable. I knew right away that I was with an experienced air crew.

Seat type
For those who don’t know what reverse herringbone is – You get individual cabin having a flatbed seat. Jet Airways markets and exaggerates the seat as someone sleeping on the cloud. You get multiple controls. If you click on Zzz – it makes your seat flat in shape. 

They also have USB sockets to charge your portable devices. 

The screen


Apple juice and water

Seat controls

Reading lights

Spread your legs comfortably

USB power charging plug and Audio Jack

Seat in normal form

Remote control for cabin and entertainment control

Airshow on screen

Seat when reclined fully. Sorry for the dark image.

Seat wasn't the most comfortable to sleep in but I could definitely get used to it. It felt little firmer than usual. However it is definitely better than angled seats we usually get on normal jet airways seat.

As it was a night flight – I got dinner course on the flight. When I saw menu card – I knew I wouldn’t like anything in this menu. 2 options were non-vegetarian and last option didn’t look good to me. Though breads, provided to me, were great.  

I did enjoy Mango cream cake. I ordered a mint mojito just to taste. I found it too sweet and left it aside. Overall I believe that dining experience can definitely be improved on this flight.


This flight has got very good hard product for sure. Soft product left a lot to be desired. I wish they add better options for food on the menu. I am not skeptical about the seats being wonderful. In fact I would recommend someone to try this product at least once if he/she is also an aviation geek like I am. 

I am also curious about, on which flight does Jet Airways provide Krispy Kreme donuts and burgers? That should be the ideal flight for that option. Apparently it is not in this flight. I will have to go asking around next time. I also went to economy class to see the degree of comfort offered by seats. Seats are indeed better than usual Jet Airways product. The fact that they are not charging any premium to be on this flight makes it a must for try if you don't mind late night flights to Delhi.  

I would definitely opt for a K row in my next flight. 

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