Review: Radisson Blu Marina New Delhi

1. Prologue

The best part about Radisson Blu Marina Delhi is its location. You are literally in the heart of New Delhi. You are surrounded by shoppers. The building gives you old feeling. Metro is just a block away. It is an ideal hotel for me. I got a steal deal on "Makemytrip" for Rs 3000 per night. I am cursing myself that I let go of the deal that would have given me Hyatt for Rs 2800 per night. However, I am thankful that I didn’t have to travel at all, something I would have done if I had stayed in Hyatt. Hyatt is definitely on my “must visit soon” property.

2. Check In

The reception at Radisson Blu is located on first floor and there is not much to it. It feels like a room. I have not taken any picture of the reception area and hence it shows a rookie’s error. I apologize for that.  I was offered an upgrade to Business class room but I had to decline when I realized that they have old rackety single beds in those rooms. I would rather have a queen size bed in their deluxe room. My room number was 216 and it was on 2nd floor.

Room 216 was provided to me.

The Foyer

3. The Room
The room appeared small yet modern. The bed was really small to be fit for Radisson hotel. The room was dimly lit. It is up to you whether you like dim looking room or you don’t. I prefer it to be bright while I am working, where everything is visible clearly. You should be able to select the placement of panels. Room switches were all over the walls and I had to find individually where each one is located. This one feature I find prehistoric. It’s annoying to wonder and trace the switches each time when I want to turn off the lights.

Wi-Fi was complimentary but the speed of data transmission was average at best.

Crowded Entrance to the room

Queen size bed which feels small to me

Coffee//Tea Maker

Basically there is no magnificent view from the room except an old building across.

No View from the room

4. Washroom
Washroom in Radisson is mix nuts. Sometimes you just love it and sometimes, you just bang your head on wall. Washroom was small but it seemed really nice. Toilet didn’t have bidet – which I found to be extremely surprising. Being an Indian, I am so used to having toilets with bidet.  This is second luxury hotel, I have witnessed in this last 1 year, which didn’t have bidet. Another one was Hyatt Bangalore. 

Shower was like Rain shower and it was one of the best showers I have had in India. The pressure on its orifice was amazing and it actually sounded like Rain for instance. I felt like I was dancing like a little kid in Rain while taking shower. I ended up taking long shower to completely immerse this experience. If there is one thing that could make all wrong things right in this hotel – it is that shower.

Rain shower

If you notice there is no bidet

Small Basin

Toiletries present there, were amazing and gave luxurious feeling. It smelled really good.

High quality Toiletries 

5. Food and Beverages

There are 3 restaurants in this hotel. There is one present on each floor. The ground floor has a Chinese restaurant. First floor occupies a bar cum coffee shop. A Kebab restaurant occupies the top floor. I found the restaurant on top floor as the best one. The food there was just amazing. In fact people who don’t stay in hotels, I recommend you to visit this restaurant. 

Breakfast was a sordid tale for me. Breads were stale. All the breakfast was south Indian and I didn’t feel like I had much choice. Why would I want all south Indian breakfast when I am visiting north India? If you keep couple of south Indian options to accompany North Indian dishes, it makes sense. But whole menu was South Indian and that is what made me pissed off. They don't have many options for pure vegetarians. I want those famous Delhiite stuff like Kulchas, Stuffed Parathas (Chef did make me Paneer Paratha but didn’t have any accompaniment to serve with it.) There was kachori but no chutney. I was not impressed at all. Service was extremely sluggish. I asked a waiter to send me hot chocolate to the room. It never showed up. The one I tried on another was not good at all. 

Cut Fruits

Cheese and Salad

Cereal Bar

6. Bottom line

For me the only reason, to stay in this hotel, is its proximity to CP and probably use of its shower. Otherwise there is no other reason for which I would come back. 

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