Report - Hyatt Place Gurgaon

1. Entry to the hotel.
This is the hotel of Hyatt that nobody relatively knows about until you ask someone to Google and find out the hotel for you. The building is so bland that it really appears like a normal building from far. I drove into a small lobby of the hotel. I saw this half old car built into wall. Initially it might have looked cool, only if it is speculated that there was other half of it beyond the wall, adhering to the theme. However it was definitely fetching from outside appearance.

2. Why are you in this hotel in this city?
I have been in this city for a while. I saw an opportunity to increase my night stays to reach 15.000 points bonus with Hyatt which you get for staying for 10 nights with them. At that time, it was the best bonus available until I got a new offer from SPG which is insanely lucrative.

3. Check in (Photos of lobby, Pictures of any decorative present)
Check-in procedure was standard. Hyatt didn’t interrogate about my check-in timing as I had not received any prior calls from it. They don’t have ample options for upgrade at this property; only 2 types of room are available– Pool view room and standard room. Pool view room has a premium of Rs 300. During check-in, they upgraded my room to that of pool room.

Now initially, I thought this hotel would be like a standard 5 star Hyatt. But flabbergasted! It was nothing like Grand Hyatt Mumbai. It was a refurbished 3 star hotel with moniker “Hyatt”. There is nothing for you to be joyous about. Hotel location is far from any means of public transport. It is located little further from most of the things but such short while away from UBER that you can reach DLF cybercity or other big companies in the region. I wouldn’t even call this a business hotel.

Check-in Desk with employees using laptops. Dress code is informal defined by Hyatt Place T-shirts.

4.  Journey from Reception to Room
I was allotted room number 532. Elevator is just next to the lobby. My room was the last room down the hallway.

5. Room
As I entered the room, the room’s size appeared decent.  There was a lot of space to move around. The room had a proper & comfortable king sized bed. There was a sofa that was long enough for someone to sleep on. As you enter you shall witness a long table for someone to work on or put stuffs on.

Room lights were eye-friendly but you had to find the corresponding switch to turn lights on/off. I find this extremely annoying when I need to find switches everywhere in the room and turn them off. Why can’t they just build a master switch that would kill off all the lights when I want to sleep?

6. Pictures of Entrance, Minibar, Table,Bed, Sofa, Alarm, other electronics

Long couch in the room with lot of seating space.

See these pictures? Do you see the annoying part? If not – let me elucidate it for you. There are no dark curtains here. So while you are trying to sleep, all the light falls on your face. Especially in the morning, when the Sun hits your face and there is nothing you can do about it. I hated this. I came to hotel at 3 in the morning after meeting friends and I didn’t have anywhere to be present at, till 2 PM. I couldn’t sleep. I like room to be shaded while I am sleeping.

What kind of hotel am I in? There is no bathrobe. There is no weighing machine in the room. To hell with it!  There were no hooks to hang clothes on near shower.

As I said this is not like the exact Hyatt that is usually perceived. It is just a refurbished hotel with Hyatt’s name tag on it.  Rooms are ostentatious but they are annoying.

7.  Internet speed
This is one of the few hotels where I can ascertain that Internet’s speed was excellent and you could surf YouTube videos without abysmal buffering.

8.  Washroom

The basin appeared like it was inserted into an wooden table. Toilet did have a bidet.

They just had wall shower. The pressure of water flowing from shower’s mouth was horrible and I had zero fun taking bath here. Water took long to get warm before you could use it. First you had to turn a blue tap to increase the temperature followed by a red tap for controlling degree of heat. It is totally not the way how color code should work.

9.  Toiletries
They are using Biotique Orange blossom which has a great smell unlike regular vanilla one which I get at most of the hotels. All other stuff is average here.

10.  Food and Beverages

Food service was very limited and they didn’t have much option for me. There were only 2 fruits in breakfast. The restaurant here is priced like that of Hyatt’s but in contrast to that food served doesn’t taste up to the level. The menu card had very limited options and if you asked them to make something for you – they won’t make it. There was no eggless morning bakery.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

11. Fitness Center

The fitness center was compact and there was nobody to look after it. There was absence of any person & nobody was to provide hand towels or water or anything you might need. You were supposed to just go in and use it. The outdoor’s view from inside of the Fitness center was great. I loved the idea of working out facing a water body (swimming pool). The trade mill and cycle were modern. They had options, to choose from, with varying degree of workouts. Weights room was bare basic to get some curls done.

While I visited the property, the pool was off-limits and under maintenance.

12. Service
Other than a room upgrade there is nothing more that staff could do for you. If I would ask them for anything, they would always give a bewildered look. Where is Fitness center? A person directed me to restaurant. At the restaurant I got to know that actually the former was on first floor. Asked them what is the closest metro station and staff said it is SikanderpurMetro; well apparently IFFCO chowk is much closer.

I asked if there was any Platinum Guest amenity like chocolates/ cut fruits. Reply-“No sir, everything is chargeable”. Nobody asked me how my stay was or if I needed anything. I asked a person to give me shaving kit. It took at least 8 reminders for that before I got it.

13. Bottomline
This is probably one of the worst properties I have visited, among International Chain group of hotels such as Hyatt. I never expected I would be this much disappointed for staying at Hyatt property. I would say there is infinite amount of difference between Grand Hyatt Mumbai and Hyatt Place. I am never coming back to this property again and I will not recommend anyone to come here. It definitely doesn’t deserve a “Hyatt” tag. I am highly disappointed.

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