Review - The Grand Hyatt Mumbai

1. Entry to the hotel. 
Finding the hotel’s entrance is hard but once you find it, it is a grand entry to the grand hotel lobby. Once you enter the hotel you can’t help but marvel at how huge and opulent the hotel is. It is sheer audacity to build a behemoth of this scale which is luxurious from every corner. Only problem is that there is a flight of stairs which leads to the entrance and it might affect someone with issues of physical mobility.

2. Why am I in this hotel in this city?
My parents were in town. So we wanted to stay together for a few days and invite all relatives over. I was in huge trauma as my personal life was getting in the way of my work. I booked a club room for us and shifted to the hotel. I found an amazing deal which provided me with Pay 1 Stay 2 nights. Basically you can stay for 2 nights at the price of 1 and for the second night you are required to pay only the taxes. After reading a lot about benefits of becoming an ELITE HYATT guest – this was my first step towards that hotel. In future I shall be staying in many HYATTs. I had stayed in Hyatt Bangalore before and it was normal but it didn’t awe me as this one did. Maybe I didn’t explore the hotel properly.  There is a sale going on in all Hyatt’s properties in India and Nepal which offers 25% off on dining for all Hyatt Gold guests.

3. Check in (Photos of lobby, Pictures of any decorative present)

Check-in in at the hotel was a cinch. I was pre-assigned a Club room, which is the largest room available at this property below Suite room, bearing room number 234 on second floor. In this hotel, first 2 floors have access to club lounge in the evening. You can have tea from 3 PM to 5 PM and Cocktail/Club hours starts from 6 to 8 PM. The lobby in this hotel is huge and a great place for casual business meetings to be held inside. There is an amazing café present in hotel that provides excellent 24 hour meal. I was quite impressed.

4.  Journey from Reception to Room

My room was at the end of the hallway

5. Room

As I entered the room, there was a long hallway leading to the room. On the right was a one door of the washroom. As I came in the room, it felt like a really big and spacious room. The furniture, style and technology was very modern. I actually felt I was in actual 5 star hotel with an amazing room.

Only few Hotels that I have seen having better room is Encore Las Vegas, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Jumeirah Beach Dubai and Burj Al Arab Dubai. Maybe Melia Dubai matches it but I am not sure. Most of the Taj hotels I have stayed are similar but they are old style and not modern. Only other hotel I would prefer more than this hotel in Mumbai would be St. Regis Mumbai.

The bed was truly master King bed and it was super comfortable. It felt like bed had a spring and I wanted to jump like a child on the bed. I still feel the joy of a child when I see such room.

Only caveat I felt in this room was lack of proper lighting. The lights in room felt little dim.

Even TV had a sound bar that amplified the sound. The oomph was just brilliant. I had invited all my relatives to the hotel and everyone sat very comfortably in the room. We even ordered room service which was just delicious. I know it was stupid as I didn't get my usual 25% discount in the room.

Sofa in the room was comfortable and allowed us to bring the party.

There was huge storage area in the room. Only cupboard was in the washroom though. But entire side of TV was a huge space to keep all my belongings. Writing table was very comfortable for work. Chair was very ergonomic.

View from the hallway to the room

The sofa in the room.

TV placed on a long table and a work table to the right.

View from the room

Alarm, Writing Pad, Phone and Modern electric outlet that accepted 110 V and 220 V plugs

6.  Internet speed
Internet’s speed was great here. I was able to work with almost negligible buffering on my webpage.

7.  Washroom
My room had an awkward washroom with doors on lateral sides. It felt like washroom was right in the middle of bedroom. It had a changing room inside and a small basin. However everything still appeared luxurious. The bath tub was extremely cosy. The shower was no rain shower type. It was a regular one with very high rate of water flow.

Wash basin and small changing area.

Luxurious Bath Tub with toiletries

Wardrobe inside washroom area

Toilet with its own cabin to separate from wash basin area

8.  Toiletries

White tea toiletries had supernal fragrance and I decided to take some of them with me to home as it gave refreshment after bathing. There is some tingle wood smell that provides some relaxation after its use.

9.  Food and Beverages
I was spell bounded by the service they provided me at this hotel. We were the last people remaining at dinner buffet and assumed that we didn’t have many options as our stay was during religious occasions for the year. We informed the head chef that we would like to have Jain food. To this the Chef went out of his way and got all dishes prepared as per a Jain’s diet. All this was done at 11 PM which is usually inconvenient for kitchen staff. Not to exaggerate but the food was mind-blowing & had an amazing taste. I can’t add any more adjectives here.

Next morning I came for the breakfast, the service was impeccable. Some examples –

1. Me-I would like to have eggless Pancake.
Chef –Sure, we normally don’t have eggless pancakes but sure I would prepare new batter for you. What kind of toppings would you like on your pancakes?”

Other 5 star hotels – “Sorry, can’t do”

 2.Me –“ I would like to have coconut Uttapam”
Chef – It is not part of the menu, but how would you like it.  Do you want us to use coconut flour or you wanted meshed coconut.”

Just to see to what extent I could take this:
Me – “Can I have Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake?”
Chef –“ Would you like Truffle Strawberry or regular chocolate?”
Me – “Truffle with real strawberry and not syrupy”
Chef – “Sure! Great choice.”

Where the hell am I? I have no words for the service I received. It felt like I had my personal chef who would cook everything I wanted. So in short, the spread was infinite. Still I have added a few pictures to show how huge the spread is in this hotel. It will be difficult to try all the food present over there. They have amazing Detox-water too which tastes delicious and gives you a real detoxifying effect.

I found this Hotel as consummate. They have all kinds of seating facilities ranging from Sofas at private corner & at the bar relaxing the evening to family tables. These are opined by me, a person who is considered extremely finicky and choosy about his food. I don’t care what diet you are on, they shall definitely come up with something for you and smell of food might urge you to break your diet too. Just an implied warning!

I am sorry I have not taken pictures of Club lounge in the evening as I reached there at the end when they were wrapping it up. All the food that was present there was delicious. I am pretty sure, they had great cocktails on bar. However, I really don’t drink so I have no clue about that. I treated my entire family at club lounge.


10. Service
The service was on slower side of its optimal level because of organisation’s size. However, everything was done with a smile. If you asked for anything, it was taken care of. Staffs were extremely attentive wherever we went.
This is definitely one of the best hotels I have stayed in, in India.

11. Bottomline
This hotel just exceeded my expectations. They couldn’t have done the job better. I am in love with this hotel and would like to keep coming back here. I will recommend this hotel in a heartbeat. 

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