Review - The Park New Delhi

1.  Prologue

I wanted a hotel in Central Delhi which would be within walking distance of Connaught Place (CP). I found an exclusive deal with the Park hotel whose location was as per I desired.  It was costing Rs 4999 plus taxes. Park is connected to Starwood program by design hotels. The cost included breakfast too. I had signed up for Select Member exclusive program where I was to get 1500 bonus points per night.

That means I would be getting 4500 points for 3 nights, plus 250 Starwood Gold member points plus 536 stay points. I value 1 Starwood point for 2.2 cents which converts to Rs. 3.2 per point.

Total Points accumulated = 250 +4500+532 = 5286
Cash back in Indian currency = 3.2 x 5286 = Rs 16915
Net amount paid to hotel = Rs 3219

Basically, it was a no-brainer deal for staying in 5 star hotel for Rs 1073 per night.

As I said, when you stay at 5 star hotel brands, initial investment is always high but it comes down with time.

Now, when you stay at Design brand in Starwood, you don’t get any Starwood privileges but you can earn points and bonuses. I got free breakfast but no access to lounge.

2. Entry to the hotel.
Hotel has a big driveway to let you enter its premise. Security personnel swiftly came and fetched my bag. I reached further inside & found hotel lobby to be average. It didn’t look elegant. Hotel was easy to find as it was located right opposite to JantarMantar and was within walking distance of Connaught inner circle.

3. Check in (Photos of lobby, Pictures of any decorative present)

My booking was in the middle of a chaos as they mixed up my booking with some other.  The Park is not a part of Starwood completely and hence, for everything, they asked me to contact Starwood. It was Starwood’s mistake for not fixing my booking correctly. I had to call them up from their hotel lobby and get my issue on reservation corrected. After everything was done, the Hotel insisted me on paying revised fare and not the one that I booked at. This kind of annoyed me and I told them to get me a letter in writing from SPG that I had to pay up additional fares. After that they backed off on their stance and gave me an upgraded club room. 

4.  Journey from Reception to Room
I was given room number 1027 on 10th floor. My room was short walk from elevator. One of the staff members whose name I have forgotten came along and gave me a brief tour of my room. She was extremely helpful. I asked her where I could get moon cake for that season and she contacted concierge to find it out for me. They found a baker who was willing to cook for me Moon cake. By the way if anyone wants to gift me something – it could be either exotic chocolates or moon cakes and I will be a happy man.  

5. RoomThe room was quite expansive and looked very comfortable to stay in. TV was of decent size. Luckily this wasn’t one of the moderated properties so I could play music and videos on TV as loud as I desired.

Entrance to the room.

Bed was of king size and mattresses were extremely comfortable. It was a perfect room to get cuddly on Sunday mornings. 

The large comfortable mattress

Sofa is large enough for an extra person to sleep on; if you are travelling with your child, you won’t need to order an extra bed.

The view from the room was spectacular & historic. Jantar Mantar and city skyline were at a little distance. Jantar Mantar is among the first Solar watches that were used in ancient times for time keeping. There is so much greenery around this place which is one of the reasons for me to want to stay again in this room.

6.  Internet speed

Internet speed was average for Indian standards. It was workable for average browsing.

7.  Washroom

The washroom had a Bath tub. It felt so hard that I didn't think of it as bathtub but rather a shower area.

Toilet with no bidet. I see this as a trend that so many hotels in India don’t keep bidet in bathroom.

Solid Wash basin with huge granite block to keep your stuff upon. I love having big basins as they are super convenient to keep your stuff upon especially when you are getting ready.

Rain Shower

Bathroom Entertainment

8.  Toiletries

Toiletries are provided by the kama. They were very luxurious and I felt I was staying in a good hotel.

9.  Food and BeveragesThe hotel had an average but decent spread. Everything was as per menu only and chef won’t make you anything if you order something differentIn Live options, they only had south Indian menu.

I found the staff, at diner, little rude. I asked them to provide me cold coffee – I was told it would be chargeable. I came late for breakfast on Sunday morning so instead of informing me that they would be removing food, they just did it without any prior intimation. I asked, for Dosa, to which they said it would be chargeable now. Why would you do that? Just because I came 10 mins before your closing time? This is just unjust.

If I asked server to give me plate of fruits after finishing the buffet plate, he would say it would take a while and I should just try something else. In the end the waiter didn’t serve me a single order. I asked for hot chocolate – they said it was chargeable. I would never dine in this restaurant again

10. Fitness Center and Pool
The hotel has very a small Fitness center but the trade mills incorporated in it are just impressive. It has been 3 years since I last saw those on Wall Street, New York. The view of Trade Mill was equally impressive.  What is impressive about them? Well you get a virtual running track where you can select from multiple nations with amazing views to run at. It works as real-time HDR and it feels like you are really seeing actual people on run. For my run, I chose New Zealand trail which was just gorgeous. View from the trade mill over looking Downtown Delhi is gorgeous too.

There was not much in terms of equipment but whatever they had was just impressive. I wish I could workout here regularly.  The swimming pool in this hotel is a cynosure for me and I would love to use it everyday. The pool is not deep but it is super-fun sized and great to play sports in.

11. Bottomline

I have mixed response for this hotel. Hotel’s hard product is great but soft product leaves a lot to be desired. Only reason I went to dine downstairs was because it was free or seemed so, to be more precise. However, if they are going to be so stuck up over everything, I shall avoid staying at such hotels. If you want to stay at this hotel, just come over here and use its facilities.

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